About Us

Since 2015, the Pequeñas Burbujas Daycare has provide a warm, rich, nurturing and safe learning environment to families from Alameda and Oakland. Our home-based program in the Bay Harbor area of Alameda is a small enough to provide individual attention to your child and large enough to foster the development of social skills that are so important yo your child's development and happiness in life. 

The rich environmental at Pequeñas Burbujas provides a structured routine that promotes creativity. Ours is a family-centric daycare, we want your child feel at home in our home. They will eat and play together. There will be nap time, and a daily reading circle (primarily in Spanish). To develop fine motor skills, the children will engage in arts and crafts several times a week. We will take daily walks to the park to teach the children about nature; weather permitting.

We focus  on getting to know our children and families, and take pride in paying special attention to your child's individual needs. Our goal is to create an environment that foster your child's independence while encouraging a strong sense of community and respect for others.


Our experienced staff of native Spanish speakers will immerse your child in Spanish language.

Numerous studies have shown children exposed to a second language have an easier time:

  • understanding math concepts and solving word problems (Zelasko and Antunez, 2000)

  • developing strong thinking skills (Kessler and Quinn, 1980)

  • focusing, remembering and making decisions (Bialystok, 2001)

  • using logic (Bialystok and Majumber, 2011). 

Upcoming Events:
Easter Activity
March 31, 2018

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